In this textile-ennobling phase the fabric is processed with products that can make it: Water-repellent Oil-repellent Flame retardant Perfumed Antibacterial Transpirant We also can treat materials and fibres of all kind, from 80 g/mt  fabrics to more than a Kg/mt ones: highly innovative and traditional fabrics, from Cachemire to eco-leather and materials used in the […]

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Garment finishing

Garment finishing can be made on all types of fibres, from noble to artificial ones. However, our specialisation is in the wool and cotton sector. The daily production is around 1000 Kg/day.

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Dry-finishing is composed by machines that can ennoble any type of textile article: open mesh, closed or shuttle fabrics. The equipment we use, together with the capacities and the personal experiences, allow us to work on both pile and non-woven fabrics, ensuring a very high quality to every product. The typologies differ in: raising, ruminating, […]

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Wet-finishing is able to perform filling, washing (in blind, continuous and jaw baths), raising, tearing and beaver finishing. Aside from flame retardant treatments, we also perform water and oil repellent treatments.  The daily productive capacity is around 20.000 meters.

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