Finissaggio e Tintoria Ferraris was born in the first half of the sixties as a finishing company on behalf of third parties. The founder is Francesco Ferraris. After developing remarkable experiences in prestigious woolen mills, in 1953 Francesco became the chief of the Lanifici Rivetti finishing company. When the company decided to demobilise the finishing department in 1964, Francesco Ferraris intuited that was the right moment to develop the innovative idea of the finishing company on behalf of third parties.

Progressively, the eldest son Doct. Franco Ferraris and two of the three twin brothers joined the company: Stefano as the CEO and Giuseppe as the responsible for the technical part. The third twin, Augusto, is a renowned textile designer. In the last years also the new generation joined the group with the homonymous Francesco. 

At the moment the Ferraris group includes, aside from the finishing company located  in Gaglianico, a 150-employees dyeing plant in Benna.

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